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    Jiangsu Jingxin Hoisting Equipment Co. Ltd. (formerly Taixing Jingxin handling transport machinery factory) was founded in 1996, is a professional production of CBY series, CTY series manual pallet truck loading and unloading trucks increased, car type electric forklift, electric forklift forklift, small platform, electric forklift trucks, electric forklift, electric reactor high car, electric truck, lifting platform, small steel electric truck, hydraulic stacker, wire rope increased car, electronic scale trucks increased and various materials handling lifting equipment science and technology enterprises. Is a domestic senior Electric forklift manufacturers, its products are widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, building materials, supermarkets, home appliances, automotive, machinery, logistics and port and other industries and fields. ... [see details]



  • 車間一角


Jiangsu Jingxin Hoisting Equipment Co. Ltd.

Address: Taixing city Liu Chen Zhang Huangqiao Industrial Park No.1 

Contact: Mr. Zhu

Customer service hotline: 400-0253-166

Tel: 052387896848

Fax: 052387896772

Cell phone: 18136936691

Mailbox: 876740832@qq.com

URL: www.metrosbo.com



  • BF hydraulic transport vehicle
  • DF manual hydraulic transport vehicle
  • High lift truck
  • Welding pump truck
  • Manual hydraulic transport vehicle
  • Integrated pump truck
  • Semi electric vehicle
  • Semi electric vehicle
  • Semi electric vehicle
  • Semi electric vehicle
  • All electric vehicle
  • All electric vehicle

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  • Full electric forklift truck
    Full electric stacker forklift with motor as power and battery energy of an industrial handling vehicles, refers to pieces of pallet for loading and unloading, wheeled carrying vehicles piled high, stacking and short distance transportation. The international organization for standardization ISO/TC110 known as industrial vehicles. Electric stacker includes all electric forklift trucks, semi electric stacker, forward type full electric ...

  • Car type electric forklift
    Car type electric forklift is divided into four wheel car type electric forklift trucks and three wheel car type electric forklift, green environmental protection, strong power, the use of low cost, low failure rate, alternative fuel forklift. Mainly used in access to warehouses and shops and goods shelves in the tray and short distance transport; imported electric cont...

  • Electric forklift
      Electric forklift refers to the electric power to carry out the work of the forklift, most of them are working for the battery. The battery is a battery, it is the role of limited power can be stored up, in the right place to use. Electric forklift is a DC p...



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  • Handling car how much money?
    Handling car how much money? Handling car how much money?How to choose and buy. The purchase method of electronic scale truck:,electronic forklift truck scale range:1, weighing sensor in actual use, should consider the weighbridge weighing body weight and vibration, shock, partial load etc.. Therefore, the principle of weighing sensor measuring range is different in different weighing systems. As a general rule, can be selected according to the following measures: (a scale f... 【more】


0523 87896848



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